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Sinful Guidance (oneshot)

Written By: CrimsonRegret
Rated M for semi-con smut, religious blasphemy for the Catholic Church, Crucifix used as a sex toy, Flogging/whipping, Dub-Con, Guilt, Humiliation, Dom/sub, Degredation.
Fandom: Father Bowie

When Victoria is caught engaging in sinful behavior, she is sent to the office of Father Jones to be cleansed. However this type of indiscretion needs quite a bit of correction for Victoria to be able to repent.

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Whom Fate Has Marked (oneshot)

Written by: ficthatswhatimeanttosay (I am Next To Something on, and this story is in that site as well. Just to cover myself on the plagiarism front.)
Rated T
Trigger Warnings: Dark!Jareth
Fandom: Labyrinth

Sarah dreams of sand, of blood, of a dying world. A dream, so real, she is afraid not to believe. A king ruling a vacant city, branded by her victory in more ways than one.

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Edge Of Fantasy (oneshot)

Written By: CrimsonRegret
Rated M for FemSlash Smut, SoloM
Fandom: Real Person Fiction

A mistress takes her new pet out to get her acquainted to the bondage club scene. Knowing it’s not a busy night, she hopes she can make it a memorable experience, when David Bowie shows up and does most of the work for her.

Author’s Note: This is to be considered AU in the way that it is current Bowie but I don’t like the idea that he would cheat on his wife, so lets just pretend he hasn’t met her yet or never got married. That’s all.

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