Forbidden Words Deafen Me

See how far a sinful man burns his tracks, his bloody robes...

Rules on Submission

This is strictly a Bowie fanfiction blog. We don’t publish crossovers into other fandoms (a crossover of Bowie fandoms is fine, like Labyrinth/Man Who Fell To Earth, Professor Bowie/Julian Priest, etc).

Stories must also star David Bowie as in any of Bowie’s musical personas (Ziggy, Thin White Duke, etc), movie/tv characters (Jareth, Julian Priest, etc), or fanmade persona (Professor Bowie, etc). Real person fiction is also alright.

Original characters based on David Bowie is not allowed (Example: an original main character named Jonathan but he is based on David Bowie).

His name must be used if it’s a fanmade persona or a real person fiction (and, obviously, his character name must be used if it’s a movie/tv character or musical persona).

We do not accept external links to stories (links out to,, the entry of the story located in your blog, etc.) the entire story must be in the submission entry.

It would be best if stories are complete, or at least very close to completion before submission. If it’s multi-chaptered, let us know how many chapters will be in the story. Oneshots are the best! (And easiest for us to keep track of).

We will read the stories first to make sure it’s readable. If there are some slight errors, we may edit your work (please let us know if you rather we not touch the main story in any way, otherwise we might). If there are way too many errors, we will send you a message asking you to proofread and send it once more. If you are missing information on the submission format, we will contact you to fix it. So please don’t forget to turn on your askbox! We may need to contact you! If your messages are turned off and there are things that needs to be fixed, we won’t be able to publish your story!

We will, of course, add more rules along the way as problem arises (if any will arise, this is!).

Please use this format when submitting:

Title (oneshot or multi-chapter. If it’s multi-chapter, let us know about how many chapters there will be)
Written by: your tumblr username/link (or just a name you would like to go by if you want to keep yourself anonymous)
Rating K for all ages; T for teen; M for Mature/Adults only. List the kinks that your story features if there are any (example: noncon, SoloM, etc.)
Trigger Warnings: List of trigger warnings if there are any (example: self harm, depression, medication, etc.)
Fandom: Professor Bowie, Julian Priest, The Hunger (80s movie), Gunslinger’s Revenge, etc.
Short Summary

A Note to Anonymous Submitters:

You’re allowed to submit a story completely anonymous, or request that we keep your URL private.

If you want to submit a story completely anonymous (by logging off of tumblr and then submitting something with a fake name and fake email address) you will run the risk that we do not publish your story because we cannot contact you and your story has errors, or you accidentally submitted a blank page (that happens. Something wrong with the coding when you copy and paste causes tumblr to delete everything). If you would provide us with a valid email, we can try to contact you that way, but if we receive no replies, the story will remain unpublished. Try to contact us if you think this is happening, we never ignore our submitters!

Thanks! And we hope to see some of your writings!