Forbidden Words Deafen Me

See how far a sinful man burns his tracks, his bloody robes...

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Anonymous asked: Can you consider writing smut involving foot worship (by that I mean a person worshiping David's feet)? Any era would suffice. I'm sorry if this sounds weird.

Not weird at all! While I do not have a thing for feet, I’ve heard of foot worship and it’s a kink that a lot of people share. I’ve been busy with school stuff (projects, exams, quizzes, homework, ugh, when will this be over @.@) so I don’t have the time to write any fics, but I will be sure to put this in our fiction requests.

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John, I’m Only Dancing (Chapter 1)

Written by: bowies-union-jack-coat
Rated M for soloF
Fandom: Professor Bowie

Professor Jones has a reputation for being a hard ass on his exams, which gives him leverage over students desperate enough to do anything for a better grade. But one student is about to find out something that will give her the perfect leverage over the dear professor — the question is, will she use her power to her advantage, or succumb to his charms instead.

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Anonymous asked: Please, someone gotta write a fanfic about David and Annie Lennox in that Queen tribute. I mean, she was almost eating David in that stage! My writing sucks, but if you know anyone who's good would be a great favour. Love

We’ll place it in the fiction requests!